Media duiken massaal op regel-voorstellen

Er rustte tot 13.15 uur een embargo op de voorstellen van de R&A en de USGA. Vervolgens explodeerde het world wide web.

Er rustte op 1maart tot 13.15 uur een embargo op de voorstellen van de R&A en de USGA. Vervolgens explodeerde het world wide web.

‘9 Essential things you need to know about the new Rules changes’, schrijft het Amerikaanse ‘The Rules of Golf are changing for the better’.

 Golf’s Rules to be modernised, is de kop van het artikel van het dagblad The Scotsman: ‘Golf’s rules are being changed to make them easier to understand and also help improve pace of play in the game. Significant proposed alterations to the Rules of Golf, which were first drawn up in 1744, have been unveiled by the sport’s two ruling bodies, the R&A and USGA.’

 Revolutionary changes in The Rules of Golf long overdue, vindt het Amerikaanse weekblad Golfweek: ‘The rules changes the R&A and USGA announced today aren’t a mere evolution of the laws which govern our game. They represent a revolution.

The Rules of Golf have gone through serious changes since the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers at Muirfield laid down the first 13 in 1744, but nothing like what’s being proposed for 2019. The governing bodies have basically ripped up the book and started again.’

 ‘Proposals have been unveiled for the biggest shake-up of the rules of golf "in a generation" ‘, meldt de BBC op zijn website. ‘If the Royal and Ancient and United States Golf Association plans are adopted, golfers will see significant shifts in how the sport is played. The two governing bodies want to make golf quicker and played under more simple, consistent and fair rules.’

Het Amerikaanse maandblad Golf Digest: ‘What began in 2012 with small discussions from key members of golf’s governing bodies about what to do with a set of rules that many felt were unwieldy, undesirable and, often, unintelligible has evolved into a large-scale attempt to revise the way the game is played. The results of this five-year dialogue was finally revealed Wednesday morning.’

‘The most likely scenario: Starting in 2019, the Rules of Golf, authored jointly by the United States Golf Association and the R&A, and used by millions of golfers worldwide, will look very different than it does now.'

Ons eerste artikel over de voorstellen van de R&A en de USGA

Foto boven: topreferee John Paramor zal vanaf 2019 heel wat uit te leggen hebben aan tourspelers die vaak toch al niet uitblinken in regelkennis. (Foto