Spieth: ‘Blijf aanvallend spelen’

Aan de vooravond van het Dell Technologies Match Play in Texas werd aan een aantal topspelers gevraagd naar hun strategie.
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Mooie inkijkjes in hun gedachten die we graag met jullie delen. Nuttig en leerzaam voor iedereen die in deze weken aan de NGF Competitie meedoet.
We geven hun reacties ongefilterd weer.
Viktor Hovland en Jon Rahm zijn al aan het woord geweest en nu is het de beurt aan de man die drie van de vier Majors won, Jordan Spieth. Zaterdag vertelt Billy Horschel hoe hij zijn matches benadert.

If somebody asked you to give them your one or two best pieces of advice for match play specifically, whether it's psychological, whether it's practical, whatever, what would you say?
‘I like to play every single hole as if I'm 2-down. I start the match 2-down and when I get to even it resets. I go back to 2-down. Just stays aggressive. When you get up sometimes it almost feels like you're protecting a three-shot lead in a tournament when things can change so quickly, especially with the back nine out here.
That hasn't changed back into my junior golf days.
I just kind of went in with that approach one time and liked the way it made me play aggressive golf. That's really the only piece of advice I have. That's the only way I change any mentality in match play versus stroke play.
I've come back on leads, I've lost leads. It's match play, right? It means it's golf. If you -- I'm playing Keegan, I think, tomorrow. If we play together in a random round, how many times are our scores going to change, quite a bit throughout the round.
You almost understand that guys are go to go on three-birdie streaks or guys are going to have a couple shots in a row where they make a couple bogeys.
If you can just keep something consistent, which for me is keep your mind on always being 2-down, then I play the way I want to play. If I don't execute the shots, then I don't.
But it forces me to continue to make aggressive swings and act like I'm the one behind that needs to make the birdie in order to win the hole.’

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