Rahm: ‘Geef nooit op’

Aan de vooravond van het Dell Technologies Match Play in Texas werd aan een aantal topspelers gevraagd naar hun strategie.
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Mooie inkijkjes in hun gedachten die we graag met jullie delen. Nuttig en leerzaam voor iedereen die in deze weken aan de NGF Competitie meedoet.We geven hun reacties ongefilterd weer.
Gisteren de Noor Viktor Hovland. Vandaag Jon Rahm en daarna Jordan Spieth en titelverdediger Billy Horschel.

If somebody asked you to give them your one or two best pieces of advice for match play specifically, whether it's psychological, whether it's practical, whatever, what would you say?
It's all so personal. I think we all think different. I think it's never giving up. I know it sounds so cliche, but if you're 5 down, six holes to play, try to win on 6. It's never over until it's over, and momentum is a massive thing. One swing can change it all, and it can happen.
You don't need to play perfect. You don't need to do anything special, you just need to play golf and beat the man in front of you. If you just keep that mindset of being aggressive and just fighting for every shot, you should probably do fine in match play.
I think no matter how many holes we play, we all know where our game is. I don't need anybody outside myself to tell me what's going on. I can tell you perfectly fine.
Yeah, I really don't know what else to say. It's match play, so it doesn't matter how you play, just get it done. Score one less than the player you're playing against on each hole, and you'll be fine. You don't need to make it look pretty, you just need to make it actually work and hopefully win.
It doesn't matter how many holes you play, it still can be a great indicator how things are going.’

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